In this world of expenses, we must take care of our pockets, in the pandemic we all realized that there is the uncertainty of health. For an average person, it sometimes hard to brother the expenses of the medical surgeries or medical treatment. Because a large chunk of the number of people’s savings can go into the healthcare sector for their medical surgeries or medical treatment. if they are not going with the proper planning it will drain their all savings. 

Here the question of what will be the proper planning, if you don’t have health insurance, then you should consider it not an option but as a compulsion of your life.  People have to realize one thing that, with the increase in medical expenses and it is hard to get good medical facilities at affordable prices. But every problem has its solution, so the solution to this problem is health insurance. 

What is health insurance?

Health insurance is the insurance that covers your medical expenses incurred by the insured. There are different types of health insurance in the market such as individual health insurance, family health insurance, critical illness insurance, etc. Different companies in the market are proving health insurance in the market.

It comes as a part of the financial planning because in the medical emergency sometimes average people have to put their all life salving to brother the medical expenses, in this case, your health insurance can be your best friends who will help you in your hard time, I will suggest you have health insurance.

so, it will help you in your hard times, but go through all the documents carefully when you are applying for health insurance, go through all the terms and condition how much cost will they brother, and all the terms and conditions. So that when you want to claim it you don’t have to bother.

We will discuss all these points that you have to consider so that  you must have health insurance

5 reasons you must have health insurance

Top 5 reasons you must have health insurance

1. Protect your saving

We all have a retirement plan that’s why we save money, so we don’t want to lose that money anywhere else, we want to enjoy that money, but if sometimes and in some cases, it can be possible that you have to pay expensive medical expenses, in case you have such a medical condition,  then your saving just goes to the medical expenses, but if you have health insurance then you are at a safe side because your company will brother your expenses for all your medical treatment, that is covered under your plan.

2. Protect your family 

As the family member, it’s your responsibility to protect your family from all the dangers, so danger can come in any form, but here it can be a medical condition, so you can buy a health insurance plan for your family 

Chances are it will provide basic coverage and will cover medical expenses according to the plan, some times the pre-premium is high but it’s ok to you can start with low and can increase gradually according to your budget and financial planning.

3. Modern lifestyle

In this lifestyle, people are compromising with their health, staying up late, going to late-night parties which are not beneficial for our health, hectic work schedules, wrong eating habits, quality of food, and rising levels of pollution have increased the risk of developing health problems. 

so that’s why the health issue that came after 45 age, like high blood pressure, diabetes, etc are now common in young people, so there may be a chance they have to go through medical surgeries or medical treatment so if you have medical insurance then there will be a great relaxation for you, and you don’t have to bother for the large bills od medical treatment. 

4. Beat inflation

To beat inflation, you have to grow your money according so that the value of your money increases and you are able to pay your expense, but if someday if you have to go through medical surgeries or medical treatment, are you ready for that, are you willing to pay such an amount, it may take your a large amount of saving.

 So what you can do, take health insurance that will secure you at that time, because you have to take care of all things, as it comes to financial planning to beat inflation is one of them, so you must have health insurance.

5. Other benefits 

There are other benefits of health insurance such as ambulance coverage, coverage for day-care surgeries, coverage for health check-ups, and vaccination expenses under health insurance because these expenses sometimes bother more, these are in some amount, but when you will calculate it can be total as a large amount.

But these all should be mentioned in your policy that are you taking, otherwise, if it is not mentioned in that, then you cant claim it.


This is a tip from our side, there is no age limit for the health insurance plan, you can choose a plan at an early age so that you have to pay less premium because you are healthy so the premium will be low but in long run, it will be beneficial .it will cover a large sum of amount for you if you fall ill in your old age and there are a lot of benefits that come with it Most policies have a pre-existing waiting period which excludes coverage of pre-existing illnesses. 

So you can choose your plan and have better finances, that will be good for you in the long run 

So now you can explore different plan for health insurance and choose accordingly to your desires and needs, different websites on the internet are available on the internet where you can go through different plans and can choose your plans that suits your budget. 

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