E Shram card

E Shram card

A new portal launched by the government, it is an initiative for those who are not working in companies or organization and also not getting any benefits. so get the other benefits of job this portal is launched.

There is a criterion to get the card or for registration of card, if you have EPF account and you are income tax payer etc. so you can’t register under this portal 

Benefits for card 

It is a poof of that you are a labor and it will work like your identity card of labor 

It will have all the information about you, and the work that will if beneficial for you in long term.

It will consist of how much education you have, how many years of experience you have and which skill you have.

The important benefit is if the government will have requirement of people and it matches your skillset then it there is a chance you will get the call and if any company has the requirement then also the same. Also if you are laking in your skillset then you will be trained according.

It also includes insurance if something happens to you or an accident then there is some amount that you can claim from the government and it is around 2lakh. the first-year premium will be paid by the government and the rest of the premium you have to pay on your own.

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